Kao da si kanula sa neba
Bozjom rukom slivena u zoru
Ispod krila orla I jastr’jeba
Rasprostires bogatu odoru

Vjetrovi ti s Jankovog kamena
Uvijaju zelene vitice
Svaka ti je razgrnuta grana
Pristaniste za zv’jezde I ptice

Maline ti daju rumen licu
Borovnice modre bistre oci
Ribizle ti krase ogrlicu
Tu bi pogled svako da zamoci

Vracam ti se zemaljski biseru
Zednim okom ljepotu da pijem
Nosicu te na svome reveru
Jednu stranu tijela da grijem

Velibor Veličković



Golija Mountain is the highest mountain in southwestern Serbia, one of the most beautiful and heavily forested mountains in our country. Its highest peak (Jankov kamen - 1833 meters) gives adorable view of the Pešter plateau. It gives fantastic, still unexplored possibilities for tourism and recreation. Its slopes, abundant in snow in winter, are ideal for ski sports, while in summer they turn into the lovely pastures and sunny slopes. Golija is the first and the only Biosphere reserve in our country. The Government of the Republic of Serbia passed a regulation in 2001 which put the area of Golija Mountain under protection of UNESCO pronouncing it as the Nature Park and placing it in the first category of protection as a natural property of exceptional importance. There is the tourist centre Odvraćenica on Golija, with a hotel and ski-path at the altitude of 1744 meters. The construction of some building aimed for winter tourism is under construction. Once the proceeding construction is finished, Golija will have 5 ski lifts and 8 ski paths.

Jadovnik Mountain is situated 15 km west from Sjenica, the highest peak is Katunić (1734 meters). It is said that it was named after what it could arrange to its visitors, especially in winter ("Jad" in Serbian means "pain"). The magnificent waterfalls of the Sopotnica River are the biggest summer attraction, while Jadovnik is chill in winter and attractive primarily for hikers visiting it more often recently. It is composed of meadows and sunny slopes, while the wider landscapes of the forest fall down to the valleys of Uvac and Mileševska.

Giljeva is a mountainous area which in south separates the Pešter plateau and high Montenegrin Mountains. It is 20 kilometers far from Sjenica, it can be reached via Budjeva and Karajukića bunari roads. This unusual mountain is the Heaven for cattlemen of Pešter, filled with country-houses, cotes, flocks of sheep and shepherds from numerous villages of Pešter. Its specific karstic landscape is more reminiscent of some other planet than of some other mountain. Giljeva represents the secret and mysterious, still insufficiently explored area even by the residents of the Pešter plateau.

Ozren Mountain is situated between Jadovnik and Giljeva mountains. Its highest peak Orlovača (1693 meters) gives commanding views not only of Pešter, but of the highest Montenegrin mountains - Durmitor, Bjelasica, Sinjajevina and Komovo. On its slopes is situated the village of Caričina, the place where country seats and hunting grounds of the medieval nobility were situated in the past. On the slopes of Ozren springs the Uvac, the longest river of this region.


Javor is a vast mountain range between Golija and Zlatar mountains, 30 kilometers far from Sjenica, through which passes the road that connects the Pešter plateau with the cities of Ivanjica, Arilje, Užice and Čačak. A large number of springs with cold, mountain water and Kušići resort with good conditions for relaxation and walking are situated on Javor. There is also Kovilj monastery where a monk tamed two wolfs, and he lives in an unusual harmony between the man and nature.

Zlatar Mountain, one of the most beautiful mountains of southwestern Serbia, represents unusual oasis of natural beauties, clean air and coniferous trees. This mountain connects Sjenica and Nova Varos cities, on the road which leads to the cities of Priboj and Prijepolje, Zlatibor and Užice. It is a real pearl among the mountains which surround the plateau of Pešter with high coniferous forests, pastures, meadows and landscapes that take your breath away. The name of this mountain summarizes all its features (“Zlato” in Serbian means - "gold"). Panorama hotel and the famous Institute for rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases are situated there, thirty kilometers far from Sjenica. The highest peak of Zlatar is Golo brdo (1627 meters).